Saturday, April 5, 2014

Six Months

Leila is already halfway through her first year of life. I really can't believe it! I think this is my favorite age so far because she is becoming more independent and her personality is so apparent. Each day is something new yet she has a schedule down (down to just two naps!) and is so easy right now!
6 Month Stats
Weight: 15lbs 15oz
Height: 26 1/2 inches
In my opinion, Leila is a perfect blend of Jeremy and I and not just physically. She has got a little bit of each of our personalities. She is really easy going and laid back like Jeremy. But she is also happy and playful and a little ham like her mama. :) She also loves books just like me! Her favorite right now is this farm peekaboo touch and feel book. It is so cute how much she loves it. Now every book she reads she tries to feel the pages. I really love it. 
Leila loves when Daddy tickles her belly with his is hilarious. 
That's how I can get smiles like this...
Leila's favorite toy...her toes. This was her position for most of the this photoshoot. At least she can entertain herself! 
Leila is officially sitting now and loving it. She's been supported sitting for awhile but it is so cute to see her figure out how to hold herself up and see the world from a different point of view.
Such a big girl!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy 24th Birthday Jeremy!

What a day! Jeremy is one of the most humble people I know and never wants to put attention on himself. Because of this we usually opt to just celebrate his birthday with our little family. Still I try to make it a special day for him. His birthday was on a Sunday and we had signed up to have the sweet sister missionaries for dinner. It ended up being great to have two more voices to sing to him. The day was busy (as most Sundays are) and everything didn't go as planned, but I loved celebrating my sweet husband who does so much for our family. Leila stayed up a little late to help Daddy open the present she got him...Swedish fish!
Of course I had to snap a few pictures of these two because Leila was just so excited to celebrate Daddy's birthday. Each of these pictures shows a little of her cute personality.
This girl LOVES her Daddy!
We are both grateful for such an amazing guy in our lives and can't thank him enough for all he does for us! Happy Birthday Jeremy/Daddy!

Happy Halloween!!!

We had lots of fun Halloween plans this year for Leila's first Halloween. Our first Halloween party was at Will and Pargie's house. I can easily say it was the best Halloween party I have ever been to. Pargie is such a great planner and goes all out! Jeremy dressed as Mike Wazowski, I was his girlfriend Celia, and Leila was our monster baby. I've got to get the picture of the three of because we looked pretty stinkin' cute!
Our complex had a special night before Halloween for kids to go trick-or-treating and I was so excited to have some real trick-or-treaters this year!
Then our ward combined with two other wards and had a big "Fall Festival". We dressed up Leila in her monster costume but had her Carolina gear underneath to match our costumes of "Carolina fans". We ate and ran since we had plans to attend our first Carolina Basketball game with the Dyers (hence the "Carolina Fans" costumes) which was a blast!
Carolina Family
She loves basketball! 
And Travis! 
And Jessica! Seriously the Dyers are Leila's favorite people...can't wait for her to be buddy's with Baby Dyer! 
The game wore her out! 
On the actual night of Halloween we joined the Calhouns over at their place for trick-or treating and other Halloween festivities (i.e. eating candy). We loved being apart of all the fun!
We love our little monster! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beach Trip

Even out here in North Carolina we are still a beach family. I will admit it is a lot harder to be one out here but we still want our kids to grow up with a love for the ocean. So we make it happen! Over Jeremy's mini fall break we wanted to make sure to get a trip in before it was too cold to go.
It was a really nice day, thankfully, so we were able to enjoy some shelling as a family after Jeremy got his fill of surfing.
Love this beach. We went to Topsail again and I really love that it's convenient, not very crowded, full of shells, and very beautiful.
While Daddy was surfing, I took the time to snap some pictures of my little model. I'm still paranoid about keeping her perfect skin out of the sun but I just love this little bathing suit! She was working those sunglasses too!
I think it's safe to say that Leila loves the beach! Success!

Family Time

Quality family time is few are far between with Jeremy in grad school. So when we get a chance for it, we take advantage!!!
Leila loves having daddy around! She is so excited when he gets her up in the morning or from her nap. 
Of course family time wouldn't be complete without a volleyball game! This month we hit up the girls UNC verse Duke game.
Leila is such a trooper even with it being so late and when she just cant keep her eyes open any longer she passes out in my arms and can stay asleep even with all the cheering! 
Had to throw in these couple of pictures of our early mornings with Leila. I wish this one was clearer just for that face!  
This is the norm these days. Leila loves her Bumbo but would rather play with the tray than any toy I put on it. And she's always covered in slobber! 
It is getting cold out but that doesn't keep us from our family walks! 
We love having Leila join us for dates. We made some dips and homemade chips and an extra special drink to top it off. (Milk for Leila :) Leila had already spit up all over her shirt so she is half naked in these pictures. She was pretty annoyed about it in the picture below. 
Leila grew out of snuggling way too fast so when it happens I cherish every second! 
Pure joy! 
So relaxed she's even got the drool going!
Love this girl! 
And this boy! I even made him a special dessert just because! Ya we are still in love!

Five Months

Leila is really starting to transform into a big girl and I'm not sure how I feel about it! I love what a sweet and happy little girl she is but I want her to stay little forever! Thankfully she doesn't seem to be in a hurry so I am grateful.
She is approximately 13.5 pounds and 25 1/2 inches long.
She has the best hair and can really work an up-do.
There is nothing better in this world than this smile. No matter how I'm feeling just seeing this for a moment makes me happier than ever.
Her favorite thing right now? Sucking her toes. Ya she's pretty classy. She is rolling now, but really just when she wants. So when she starts to roll, instead she just finds her toes and is perfectly content.
When is she not content? On her belly.
But at least I can distract her enough for a couple pictures.
And then she just lays flat down on her face and pushes her but up with her feet. So helpless.
 I know everyone thinks they have the cutest baby and I am no exception. I just stare at her in awe of how absolutely perfect she is with her flawless ivory skin and bright blue eyes. Ya I'm obsessed. But aside from her outward beauty she really just has the sweetest disposition. She makes everyone she meets happy. She is so mild tempered but still has a funny little sense of humor. I honestly couldn't be more blessed with such a perfect baby.