Saturday, July 12, 2014

The difference of nine months

Let's be honest, these past nine months that I have had Leila have been so much better than the nine months that she was inside of me. For the last half of my pregnancy or so Leila just jammed herself right under my right rib which wasn't the most comfortable thing. Now snuggling her right up close (when she'll let me) is one of my favorite things. I can't believe how much can change in nine months!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Nine Months

February 9, 2014
Leila is already nine months old! She looks like such a big girl these days. And her weight is finally catching up to her height so she is looking chunkier!
Weight: 18lbs 11oz
Height: 27.5 inches
She is talking more and more everyday. This month Jeremy was pleased to finally hear her say his name: "Dada". She also introduced "baba" into her vocabulary. It is cool to hear her language develop as she starts using more and more sounds.
Leila's newest trick: waving. I'm such a sap but it seriously is the sweetest thing. She really has it down but will only wave to Daddy. So every morning when he leaves for school we wave goodbye to him. It's reserved just for him...for now. :)
Leila had her first snow day this month. She liked to watch the snow through the window but was more curious about it once we actually went outside. (Blog post to come :)

Leila is not as easy to take pictures of anymore. She has become a lot more active and won't sit still like she used. While she hasn't quite figured out crawling yet, she wiggles her body and can get around just fine.
(This photo shoot was technically a couple weeks late. I wish I would have done it early and maybe I would have had one more shoot with her being somewhat still. Instead the following was the majority of the pictures that I got. 
She pushes herself up into a plank or on all fours but just isn't sure where to go from there.
And so the chase beings. Love my little stinker!

52 Project: 7/52

February 11
I really need to get better at deciding on just one picture but I took a bunch all on the same day and these two really capture what Leila is like right now.  First off, her Tarheel outfit is the most adorable thing ever. But aside from that this is how Leila spends her days. Her favorite toy is her Carolina basketball (which makes Daddy very happy) and she could spend forever just reading her books (which makes Mama really happy). It is fun to see how she is a little bit of both Jeremy and I. Just perfect!

52 Project: 6/52

February 6
Leila loves music. Since she was an infant she would always be so still and attentive when music was playing. Now she gets to excited and happy to hear it. It was very fitting that Gram Rox (the music queen) got Leila her first "ipod" so she can take her music with her.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Calhoun Cousins

So I didn't really have cousins my age growing up. I remember tagging along with some older cousins and just wishing I was their age. But even then I only saw them every so often. As I did get older and saw all my siblings have cousin friends I always wanted to have that kind of relationship. There is something special about cousins. When we decided to move to NC I was so relieved to know that we would have he Calhouns close and that Leila would be able to be near at least a few of her cousins. It has been such a blessing to me but also such a treat to see Leila with her cousins. They are all so good to her and she loves them more than they even know. She is so happy whenever she sees them and can even keep up with those wild wrestling boys.
These pictures are from one of our days at the Calhoun house the end of this month. (January)
Leila never lacks for entertainment.
Sometimes she's he fifth wheel but she even digs that!
This is by far my favorite picture sequence. I took so many and just died going through them. I only included the two best ones though.
I snapped a couple pictures as we were leaving. Always my favorite that they are so excited to see each other when we arrive and have to have an extended goodbye before we leave.  
Love these cousins!

Snow Day

So much for a southern winter. We have had more snow that anyone ever expected. I feel somewhat responsible like we brought it with us or something. Oops! But snow out her is a lot more fun than in Idaho because life stops! Ha! Honestly it is not a lot of snow but school was canceled non the less. Jeremy only got a half day off this time around but better than we ever got in the 5 years we lived in Rexburg.
Of course Jeremy had to take Leila out to play in the snow and I went a little picture crazy. Leila was a little unsure at first but warmed up pretty quick.

Life with Leila in January

Looking back at this month there are so many random pictures throughout that represent memories that I just don't want to forget! So here it goes!
This little outfit belonged to one of Leila's cousins and I just love it. By the time I put it on her however it was a little small. Dang! I realized this month how quickly she is growing!
One of my favorite things is to bring Leila into bed with us to drink her bottle in he morning. She just snuggles right in. I looked over at her and just couldn't help but melt at how sweet she looked just waiting for me to come snuggle!
These two pictures are from another morning with Leila. She used to just play in this little gym every morning. Not anymore! Instead of just laying there she rolls around until she knocks it over and gets stuck in the bars. Ha! I'm so sad that she is starting to grow out of her "baby toys".
We have been so blessed with such sweet neighbors. We just love Anna and Gabe!! Anna and Leila came to a Relief Society recipe swap which was so fun. Leila stayed up way past her bedtime but loved it! :)
Just a picture of Leila and Daddy waving to me from the window. I love that she is always happy to see me.
One of Daddy's days off this month included a trip to Rise Bakery for some doughnuts!!
This is just a glimpse into daily life with me and Leila. Bundled up for a walk but not before a stop to drop our trash and sort our recycling. Her face though. :)
Leila's first snow. It was barely anything (especially after spending many winters in Rexburg) but I couldn't have her miss the experience! I wasn't sure that we would get another chance here in the south. So I bundled her up early in the morning to catch it before it all melted.
I'm bummed that I haven't been able to catch better pictures of this but this is how Leila plays. She always sticks something in her mouth and just leaves it there while she continues to play with other things. Just cracks me up!
Sunday fort with Daddy. I didn't know what they were doing and walked into the room to this. Too precious not to capture.
It's no secret that Leila is very social. She LOVES kids. I hate that we don't live close to all her cousins so she can build those relationships with them. But I try and show her pictures of them often. So sweet to see how excited she got to see all these pictures!
I'm bummed we don't have any windows that are low to the ground because Leila loves too just stare out the window. Especially with all the snow that we have right now. Plus I just love all that hair and that cute bum!
We rarely go out as a family because we are just too darn cheap but when Jeremy gets hit with a hamburger craving I know a homemade one just won't suffice. So we had a family date night to 5 Guys and it was so worth it. At least we thought so...Leila wasn't too sure. 
Whew! What a month! I know I am a little picture obsessed but I want to make sure I remember all these sweet times with my little family. Happy January!