Saturday, June 13, 2015

NC State Fair

The NC State Fair is kind of a big deal. We didn't go last year but with all the hype we have heard about it we put it on the "must do" list. I grew up attending the corn fest every summer and honestly never thought it was that awesome.This was a completely different experience!

We weren't sure where to start so we walked over to this whole section of merchants from all over the state selling items of their craft. I could not get over the talent of these people. Everything from rugs and baskets to wood toys and stuffed animals. Some day I'll buy something. 

Next we headed over to check out the animals. There were a ton! 
Horses, cows, sheep and Leila's favorite bunnies. They had a whole room full of bunnies! Leila loved them...wouldn't even take her eyes off them.
Of course we had to check out all the prize winning produce. There were some huge pumpkins...pretty awesome. We even got some locally grown apples and honey. 
But above all it wouldn't be the NC State fair without some good eats. It really is all about the food!
Hot dogs and corn on a stick, funnel cake, and a fried twinkie. Yes...a fried twinkie. They fry pretty much everything here in North Carolina. 
And surprisingly it was really good.
Leila approved. But our stomachs were feeling the effects the rest of the day.
But I think we won a few "awesome parent" awards from this toddler!
Stomach ache and all the fair was totally worth it. We had a blast!

A Quick Trip to Pinehurst

Aside from having to live away from us while on clinical, Jeremy really enjoyed the hospital he worked at, the people he worked with, and the place he lived. He promised to come back to visit and we definitely wanted to honor that promise. Pinehurst is close enough for a day trip so we drove there, took a walk around Southern Pines Reservoir, visited the hospital for lunch, and made it home for dinner. 
(Leila loved all the turtles!) 
It was a super quick trip but it was so great to meet all the people Jeremy worked with and enjoy such a beautiful place!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Fall is in the air...

I love fall time! The weather cools off to the most perfect temperatures, the leaves change and the world is full of beautiful colors, and it is the start of all the holidays.

This year we planned a trip to a pumpkin patch. I was ridiculously excited because I have never been to one before. We always just got our pumpkins at the grocery store so w thought this would be fun for all of us!

They had a corn crib with a slide, a corn maze, cotton picking, farm animals, hay ride, and of course pumpkin picking. Besides the abnormally high temperatures it was the perfect way to bring in fall.

September 2014 Highlights

Summing up the rest of September with a bunch of pictures.
Clearance bathing suit shopping with mommy.
Indoor family picnic.
Dates with Daddy include walks,
and sports. She really is so much like her dad. 
But a girly girl nonetheless. The girl is obsessed with shoes.
And thankfully still a mama's girl. We love our story time together before naps.
Leila is always looking for ways to make us laugh,
even if it's hard work. (She is stuck in this picture and was crying but I just couldn't miss the picture!)
Leila is the best helper and now carries the diapers out to the dumpster.
We love having the missionaries over to visit each month.

Some of Leila's favorite things this month:
Green smoothies,
dressing up,
her binkies (that's nothing new)
and her kitchen.

We also had a couple really fun outings this month.

First was our annual pirate day at Krispy Kreme...dress like a pirate and get a dozen doughnuts for FREE!
Leila was a little grumpy about having to dress up but Jake was into it. (These are the kind of pictures I hope they recreate one day :)
All in all it was so worth the humiliation for TWO DOZEN FREE DOUGHNUTS!
We also had our annual ward camp out. Again we skipped the camp out and just enjoyed dinner and dessert before the campsite closed. 
S'mores for this girl=heaven.
Such a great September...we are off to a great school year!

Topsail Beach in September

It's no secret that we love the beach and any chance we can go we do. This time we got together with a few friends which made it an even better trip!
Leila in her Minnie glasses. 
I can't even explain the joy that this guy has when he is at the beach with his water loving baby. 
I'm so glad she loves the beach just as much as we do. 
Our friend Richelle captured these pictures...PRICELESS!
Such a great group of people!
The sign of a successful beach trip...passed out in the car!