Thursday, August 14, 2014

Favorites of March

Couldn't leave out these few favorites from March!
I was laughing so hard as I looked over at Leila crawling and kicking her pants off as she went. I mean seriously who needs them?!
Got together for a friend's birthday this month and I couldn't resist capturing a picture of all these girls. I love that Leila will have lots of friends growing up here!
I wanted to turn these next three pictures into a sequence but I don't know how to do it on my computer. Oh well! I just love Leila's face in each of these. She loves walks with Daddy! So thankful for such great weather these days!
Also had to include these little gems. I'm pretty sure this was us watching "Frozen" mother like daughter...we were both really into it!
This is such a random post but I just loved each of these and couldn't leave them out. I love each of these moments! Life is so good!!

52 Project: 13/52

March 19
So I'm doubling up days but I couldn't resist this picture. That hair!

52 Project: 12/52

March 19
This is one of my favorite pictures of Leila. I don't think I could describe her personality better than this picture can. She keeps us laughing!

St. Patrick's Day

This year for St. Patrick's Day we joined the Calhouns for the parade in Raleigh. Parades are one of those weird things that I just really love so I was pretty excited about it. We dressed up (it was way hotter than it should have been in March) and had such a great time watching all the random parade participants go by.
One of my favorites of the day: mini semis...just what I think of on St. Patrick's Day!
Lots of bagpipes of course.
I also loved all the dogs in the parade. Especially this cutie all dressed up!
After the parade we hit up a museum in Raleigh before heading back home.
On Sunday we carried over our Irish pride and dressed in our green for church.
Love my cute little Irish family!

!!!Spring Break!!!

I can't even describe how awesome spring break was in March. Seriously there is nothing better than spending a whole week together as a family with absolutely no plans. It was perfect!
Jeremy and I blew up the air mattress and slept in the front room just for fun. Leila loved playing on it every morning.
We kept every day pretty chill. One day we decided to go play around at the church. We played some basketball and some volleyball, both which Leila loved.
We walked around town and did a little shopping.
Leila and Daddy did a little wrestling...and Leila really showed him what she's got. This girl can take care of herself. :)
In true Evans fashion we did plan a big beach trip. We decided to go to Shackleford Island because we had heard that there are wild horses that live out there and great shells. It was a pretty far drive and we had to pay to take the boat over to the island but we definitely thought it would be worth it. Let's just say we had pretty high expectations...and we were not disappointed!
There was a little mix up in the information we got online so we just barely missed the ferry. On top of that they wanted to charge us for Leila. I couldn't believe it! Thankfully I was able to use my amazing persuasive skills to convince the sweet ticket gal to let us sneak her on. So grateful! While we waited for the last ferry of the day to depart we checked out a museum downtown. It had a bunch of pirate stuff and even a whale skeleton and heart. It was pretty cool!
When we finally caught the ferry we had a fun ride over and saw some wild horses along the shores of a couple of the islands. Once we arrived we knew we had to move quickly because we didn't have much time before we were to be picked up again. So we booked it! We spent our time gathering shells as we looked for the horses. We stopped and ate some food and then decided to make our way back on higher ground. That is where we first saw them. They were pretty far away but still pretty rad. We really wanted to get closer (Jeremy especially had been looking forward to seeing them) but since time was getting close for us to catch the ferry back we weren't sure that we would have time for us all to run and see them. So Jeremy ran and I took Leila in the Ergo and the backpack and tried to figure out how to get back on my own. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am TERRIBLE with directions! So of course I had no idea where I was going. I ran into a dead pelican and immediately started thinking worse case scenarios in my head of what had killed this thing. I started really hustling and finally made it back to the beach but quite a ways from the ferry. It was already there and people were getting on so I knew I needed to hurry. All of the sudden there were thousands of crabs all around my feet. I was freaking out and running around like a crazy person. Suddenly Jeremy shows up a little ways down the beach. Now we were both trying to run for the ferry while avoiding all these crabs. Needless to say we just barely made it and I think everyone thought we were absolutely mad! It was an adventure to say the least! But so much fun!
Oops...Leila didn't quite make it in!
The horses were totally worth all the trouble! :)
Once we got back to land we still had a lot of day left so we decided to head over to Atlantic Beach and just relax. It was the perfect way to end such a memorable day!

52 Project: 11/52

March 7
I think this picture speaks for itself. Just one happy girl giving a big hug!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wally Flower

So Jeremy works with the young men in our ward and loves it! It is such a perfect calling for him. The second week of March he was asked to play a part in a live clue activity that the youth were putting on. He got an email asking him to play the part of "Wally Flower": the awkward, nerdy guy who can't dance and has a major crush on a girl he can't talk to. The email said that the youth thought he would be perfect for this part...Jeremy 's reaction: When did I become so uncool? Poor old Jeremy! However, he rocked the part and everyone loved him! :) He's still got it!